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PC Building Simulator 2 is an exciting pay-to-play game that serves as a sequel to the popular PC Building Simulator. In this simulation game, players will have the opportunity to build and manage various computers, customizing them according to their customers' desires or personal preferences. Developed by Spiral House Ltd., this single-player game is currently in open beta mode, allowing gamers to join and potentially get the official game at a discounted price upon its launch.

Similar to its predecessor, PC Building Simulator 2 offers a unique gameplay experience where players take on the role of a computer expert, aiming to construct and grow their own PC repair shop. The game provides an immersive environment where players can learn and apply basic and advanced diagnosing, fixing, and building skills. With lifelike licensed components and exhaustive hardware and software options, the game captures the interest of computer enthusiasts.

PC Building Simulator 2 introduces new and improved elements to enhance the gameplay experience. The customization toolset now includes sequenced RGB lighting, spray paint, and stickers, allowing players to craft the greatest custom rig. Additionally, there are truckloads of new options for walls, floors, posters, and furniture to design your workshop.

On the technical side, the game offers features such as a built-in Fan Control app and thermal camera, enabling players to customize the cooling of their PC devices. The Power Monitor utility helps track power consumption, ensuring smooth operation of the computer. Custom water blocks power the GPUs, RAM, and motherboards, adding to the realism of the game.

PC Building Simulator 2 promises an immersive and educational gameplay experience for computer enthusiasts. With its realistic graphics and attention to detail, players can practice and expand their computer knowledge and skills. Although the game is currently in open beta stage, it holds great potential for those who enjoy simulation games and want to learn more about customizing their own PCs.

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